Bon Bon Plate Mint Tray by Oneida by JujubefunnyFinds

6.00 USD

Ornate Mint Tray Caddy in Golden Royal Chippendale pattern by Oneida. Hollywood Regency glamour, Fab on vanity. As a perfume, or soap tray. (See pics) This is the 7 inch Bon Bon plate, tray, or serving piece made if 18/8 Stainless Silver Tray with Gold Electroplated Scalloped Edges with sharp points. Measures aprox. 7.18 inches in length and 5 inches wide This bon bon tray is an ornate mint plate but also fit for use as Candy Dish, trinket Tray, serving Platter, butter dish and much more.
I like it has a bed side or corner table tray. There are normal wear scuffs on back. There are places on the gold trim are worn. Face is beautiful, shinning and would be attractive display item
I love Oneida because of its Early American History, own a piece if Americana Product Description
Oneida-Heirloom Golden Royal Chippendale was produced 1987 to 1999.
History from website "John Humphrey Noyes based the Oneida Community in upstate Ny in 1848. By way of Global War I, Global War II and the Koren War, Oneida offered aid to the army generating ammunition clips, lead-plated shells, fight knives and surgical devices. In 1960, for the first time in enterprise historical past, silverware used to be Oneida's sole source of earnings. Sterling silver and silverplate had ordinarily been the staple products of the flatware business. Oneida made a commitment to stainless steel flatware and went so far as to shift the main target from silver to stainless. The popularity of stainless silverware speedily spread because of its low-priced value, convenient no bother care, and the fact that superb department stores started to stock the patterns. Stainless steel may soon substitute basic sterling silver and silverplate as the greatest flatware product segment, and Oneida, Ltd. may develop into the greatest seller of stainless flatware. In recent years, Oneida, Ltd. has elevated its product line to include pottery, china, or even crystal."

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