Tin Canister Vintage English Tin Container by JujubefunnyFinds

9.00 USD

Vintage Embossed Floral Tin container w Brass Knob or Finial. English Floral tin container that is marked Murray-Allen Regal Crown imported Superior Quality Exclusive Confections "A Murray-Allan import" New York, N.Y., Los Angeles. Calif. Made in England MING on the bottom.
This tin has a really beautiful design on it all around. A cream colored background with yellow, green, blue and deep pink colored floral design with a brown stripe on the bottom. It has a base that is narrower than the rest of the tin so it sits on like a pedestal. The top is the same diameter as the main part of the tin but has a smaller domed area on top. There is a brass knob on the lid, a beautiful accent to an already stunning tin jar. Perfect addition to any collection. Lovely room decor for use in a bedroom or bathroom or even in a kitchen to hold tea bags.
-Vanity mirror is also for sale and they look stunning together.

via http://bit.ly/1krmupf


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