Vintage Berggren Ashtray Folk Art by JujubefunnyFinds

10.00 USD

Vintage Scandinavian Traditional "Var Sa God" Ceramic Ashtray a Berggren Swedish Flower ashtray. The Swedish Flower is still Berggren's nostalgic pattern. The front translates to There is a "Welcome to our home" consistent with the theme of Help yourself. There are two rests for two cigarettes. Scandinavian Folk Art Ashtray by the most Famous Scandinavian Folk Artist makes a great display. The Berggren signature is on the front.
Audrey Berggren starting hand painting Swedish style wedding plates while her husband was away during WW, when he returned, They GREW. Today an entire generation grew up on dishes decorated with colorful Swedish art.
The Berggren-Trayer Company’s nostalgic pattern still bids a cheerful " Var Så God" translated to "help yourself" to all.




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