Rare Red Red Glass Votive Tealight Candle Holder with Peg by JujubefunnyFinds

8.00 USD

Vintage Red Diamond Small Cut Pressed Glass Votive by Will & Baumer Syracuse, NY. I collect Glass Peg Votive Holders and Red first Will & Baumer piece I found.
A part of American glass history, this company still survives today by primarily making candles for religious ceremonies. This Stunning rare Red Glass Candle Votive Holder is different from other diamond point or diamond cut Glass votive holders because the pressed glass diamond impression is much less defined. The Diamonds themselves are much smaller then the larger Diamond point or cut glass from companies such as Indiana glass. Diamond Candle Holder pattern makes this votive an eye catcher. Sharp diamond cuts glisten and reflect lite with a romantic reddish glow. YOU will love these, great for using on special occasions and events.
Please do not ask about the extra dollar per votive for shipping. They are hard to find, fragile and fantastic, making them a more difficult item to ship.

Historic Candle Making Company, history of their early start taken from their websites history….. One chapter of the American dream began 155 years ago in the Syracuse backyard of Bavarian immigrant Anton Will. Will and his wife Rosina capitalized on their knowledge of beeswax and candle making to meet a growing need for high quality, liturgical candles used in the Catholic mass. Their ingenuity and hard work spawned an industry of candle making that exists today.

Obtaining beeswax from local farmers, Anton set out to make clean burning beeswax candles with dedication to quality. The work was hard. Wax was melted, washed, bleached, then molded and shaped into pure beeswax candles in a hand made process. With an eye to innovation, Anton quickly developed new processes to enhance candle manufacturing.
Please take a look at all my wonderful vintage offerings.

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