Barreled Diamond Cut Sconce Glass Candle Holder or Peg Votive / Vintage Red Glass Cylinder Votive Peg Light-Rare by JujubefunnyFinds

7.49 USD

Vintage Ruby Red with Orange Trim. Orange at top can be seen when light and in during the day when lighting is right. depending on lightening you can see Orange under vase.
PRESSED GLASS Votive with Peg Light or Peg Leg
Great for holiday and Christmas Season
The Color is stunning, the rim and the bottom
Hobnail votive with pedestal, fabulous when added to any candlestick to add life to your home decor
Beautiful when lit!
Adorable-perfect for candelabras, chandeliers, candlesticks and so much more
RARE and Unique cylinder Shape*

Please take a look at all my wonderful vintage offerings.



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