Copper Ashtray Silent Butler Crumb Cleaner by JujubefunnyFinds

15.00 USD

Vintage Kitchen Utensil Cleaner Hammered Copper. The Silent Butler is perfect around fireplace and kitchen. has not been polished. Antique appearance and style this adorable sized Butler for Ashes or Crumbs is a Hammered Copper Lidded Pan with Wood Handle. 10 inches by 8 by two and a half inches tall. Very small the pan appears to be a crumb sweeper or ash tray. Ash Tray not ashtray because they were used to clean ashes out of a fireplace or stove. However, the bottom of this pan appears to have been used over heat, leading me to believe it was used for cooking or heating. There is a name embossed on the bottom but I can only read -California-.
Beautiful Vintage Kitchen Home Decor! Eye catching by a fire place!



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