Art Deck Glasses Yellow Tea Cups by JujubefunnyFinds

5.49 USD

30s Yellow Depression glass tea cup Vintage Art Deco Glasses with Scroll handle in the Block Optic, Yellow pattern by Anchor Hocking-Crystal. Vintage Yellow Art Deco block design, sometimes mistakenly called cube or cubist pattern by Jeannette glass Company was manufactured from 1929 – 1933. Tea Cup has Art Deco, angular handle with a victoria accent of two rose scrolls each connecting point. Delicate detailing give this adorable tea cup an antique feel, yet the body is geometric unique to the 1920s – 1930s Art Deco glassware.
Color varies depending on lighting and background. Placed on a dark surface it becomes deep dark yellow. Placed in direct light with a white background it's a sweet light colored yellow.
Pattern has been discontinued.
Cup Measure 2.25 inches.
Vintage great pieces No Chips or Cracks



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