Thunderbird Earrings in Solid Copper w Blue Bead, Southwest meets Art Deco by JujubefunnyFinds

25.00 USD

Native American Thunderbird Earrings made of Solid Copper STUNNING An interpretation or artisan version of the Native American Thunderbird. The craftsmanship is incredible. The center of the bird have a blue circle which is either turquoise or blue coral. Especially when cleaned the contrast between the blue stone makes the copper really stand out. a. Everyone will notice the detail and craftsmanship that created these beautiful copper earrings. I have not cleaned them, but with some copper cleaner they would shine like a new penny. They look very 40s, streamlined, modernized, like an Art Deco Airplane or train. When I purchased them the previous owner had no idea they were thunder birds. There appears to be another marking next to solid copper. Truly, a piece if art!
Thunderbird is a legendary creature in much of North American history and culture. It is a mystical creature who is a "supernatural" bird of power and strength. Thunderbird's are in the art, songs and oral histories of many Pacific Northwest Coast cultures, American Southwest, Great Lakes, and Great Plains.



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