Crystal Candle Votive Holder / Crystal Diamond Sconce Votive by JujubefunnyFinds

9.50 USD

Ornate and unique two piece crystal candle holder. Bottom holds a Peg Candle holder or Peg Votive CrystalCup. A beautiful crystal candle holder that can be used together as a single candle holder or separately with lamps. The top creates a flickering soft light with unique angles with a tea light or votive candle. The cup is perfect for outdoor lighting because the flame is protected from the wind. When used with a candle that sits just under the rim, a longer flame stands above the rim seeking oxygen. The beautiful large Diamond pattern is unique, looking more like applied crystal then a pressed design. The most common diamond pattern is Indiana Glass Company's Diamond Point pressed glass, a pattern used on tea light to urns.
(I have a variety if diamond point glass items in amber, ruby, blue, green, and clear glass)

Please take a look at all my wonderful vintage offerings.
Please take a look at all my wonderful vintage offerings.



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