Antique Nickel Silver Admiral Medical Vials Case Medical Collectors Piece by JujubefunnyFinds

74.00 USD

"Admiral" Vintage Nickel Silver Case. Piece is actually an antique medical samples transport case. Further research tells me it was patented in 1913 by Becton Dickinson & Co. as a portable blood sample kit, with syringe, needle and storage vials. The oldest examples appear to have been stamped "Patent Pending," so it's difficult to date this piece. Some sources say they were using them up through WWII. Best Condition of any you will find, if you can find them.
Sparkling Silver with deep embossed lines between rounded mounds. The Admiral's shape and design are sleek giving the look of a ship. Great Father's gift for the captain / Admiral in your life. Medical students, collectors, and Dr.s, this is beautiful piece of medical history. Admiral is actually the products name.

For collector of antique and vintage medical paraphernalia, this is a real find! It would also make a really unique gift. Made by Becton Dickenson & Co. engraved on front with Admiral.
This piece measures 4" high x 3" wide x 1/2" deep. In Excellent Condition.



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