SALE Vintage Ronson Princess Lighter / Striped Gold Silver Pocket Lighter by JujubefunnyFinds

31.00 USD

SALE Working Ronson Princess pocket lighter. It is classy, elegant, and full of sleek glamour. These lighters were first made in 1929, as a standard ladies lighter. This Ronson Princess has super-shiny chrome with slanted lines that interplay with the brushed (or matte) chrome lines on the front. The back is solid chrome and has no scratching (save for a few tiny minute hairline ones), dents, or flaws. The front is also pristine and has an unused cartouche for a monogram!

The front and back of the lighter are both nearly perfect with no major flaws. This lighter appears to have been unused and very well protected since it was made (over half a century ago!).
Further, the engraving plate is ready to be inscribed with your own initials or name (or anything that is meaningful to you)! A rarity, most Princess lighters you find have used cartouches (the name plate).

This lighter is in superb working condition, it has been outfitted with a new flint and tested with fluid. It lights exceptionally well, no sputtering or rusty wheel problems. The chrome is in tip-top shape and is ever so shiny and clean. Please see the photos for a better view of this description.

This Princess is ready for immediate and everyday use.



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