French Glass Art Deco Vase Centerpiece by JujubefunnyFinds

12.00 USD

French Art Glass, clear and crisp like crystal. Fabulous Vintage Art Deco or Art Glass Stemmed Centerpiece Bowl. Unique design is created by an amazing Triangle Stem with an embossed design. Atop the triangle stem is a simple clear and small bowl. The footing is also simple and clear with no embossing. One of a KIND. A beautiful piece to float flowers in, keep candy, or light a candle. This Piece is an eye catcher, everyone will ask you about it.
I am a terrible with a ruler, must have missed Kindergarden on measuring day, so measurements close but not perfect.
Height is 4.75 inches tall
The footing is 2.75 inches
The bowl is 4.5 inches in diameter



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