Blue Tigers Eye Gem Stone Pendant w Gold Filigree or Cabochon by JujubefunnyFinds

7.25 USD

RARE BLUE TIGERS EYE authentic natural stone Pendant. This stunning Multi Colored Retro Oval Pendant surrounded by Ornate Gold Filigree. Center stone has multiple color veins that catch the light. The gold filigree is elegant with a pendant latch at the top. Could easily be turned into ring or pin / brooch.
Awesome and Timeless! Perfect combo for vintage costume jewlery! Unfortunately I don't know the name of the stone but as you can see from the pictures it changes color when it interacts with light. The gold filigree is ornate and classic. Ready to place on a necklace, it would be perfect to up cycle into a bracelet or brooch. Really cool retro pendant! Approx 1.25 inches



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