Vintage Crystal Ashtray Scalloped Edges Cocktail Party Decorative Ashtray by JujubefunnyFinds


Vintage Crystal Ashtray Unique Cigarette Rests are Hidden in the thick scalloped edges. I don't believe it was used as an ash tray, more likely display piece or candy dish. It is a vintage crystal piece that can be used in numerous ways. It is the perfect dinner party or cocktail ashtray. Elegant and sophisticated and petite. Aprox. 425 inches This crystal ashtray will create comments. The details give off a floral feel. Every detail can be related to a flower, it has the center circle, embossed lines from inner circle to scalloped edges, appearing similar to the veins in the petals, and the scalloped edges are delicate and rolling like the edge of a flowers petal. I see a pansy or sun flower.
The shape and colors are stunning, as is its delicate nature

I do not believe it has been used, it is in excellent condition

Classy, sophisticate dinner party cocktail ashtray

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