Glass Votive Gold Stripes Sconces Candlesticks Candelabras / Peg Light SALE by JujubefunnyFinds


Modern Art Glass w Striking Gold Paint Accents. VERY UNIQUE Beautiful for any lighting. Peg is approximately the size of a taper candle. It is so beautiful, it will make any lighting in your home a centerpiece. Larger then most glass votive candle holders, this could also hold a thin pillar candle. Looking similar to a Hurricane, this art glass has a slight genie bottle middle which graceful leads to the flared edge. Stunning when lit, the contrast between the glass and the lines is very unique. One of a kind peg votive candle holder Very light elegant glass. Enhances any candle holder, candlestick, candelabra, sconce, or lighting in your home.

Please take a look at all my wonderful vintage offerings.



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