Designer Belt Black Leather w Reserible Brown Leather Brighton Hardware is Gold and Silver by JujubefunnyFinds


Two Brighton Belts for the half the price of one. A Brighton Leather Belt that can be worn with either the Black leather or the Brown leather showing. Perfect for a brown handbag or a black purse. The stunning hardware matching anything Brighton but would look great with a Coach Bag, Gucci Clutch or a Juicy Couture wristlet. Since its Gold and Silver you can wear your fine jewelry, 14k Gold or Sterling Silver, as well as your everyday fashion or costume jewels Earrings, necklace, rings etc. This vintage designer belt is probably considered has a Western or Southwestern appeal, I would classify it as signature Brighton. The luxurious metal decorative pieces are fashionable and look brand new. Large Buckle, hardware is Silver with Gold inside. Size is medium . Mint Condition, I have 6 designer belts never worn with minimal wear, or never worn.
Two belts for the price of one, its like buying discounted at the wholesale store. Just the thought of finding a cheap designer store makes me smile.



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