ROYSTON Truquoise Rough Stones approx. 3.3 pounds or Hot New Truquoise by JujubefunnyFinds


Large Rose of Raw ROYSTON Turquoise. This Rough Stones approx. 3.3 pounds or Hot New Turquoise. They can be polished to into jewelry, or kept as displays and even used at book ends, Please email if they have you have an ques ions,
Here is a nice lot of Royston turquoise in the host rock. It is from the Royston district in Nevada. The turquoise runs through the rock in thin veins and shows up as splotches on the outside of the stone. These pieces would make a great display and/or mineral specimen as it is, or you could cut a few "Ribbon Turquoise" cabochons out of it. It weighs 376 grams (over 1500 carats!) The stone is 100% natural and has not been treated in any way. The stones are shown wet in all the photos except the one on the scale.
Nice Lot of Rough Royston Turquoise from Nevada 376 Grams Great Display
$55.00 USD
Only 1 available
Vintage handmade supply
Material: Royston Turquoise
Ships worldwide from United States



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