Cast Iron Bronze Lacquered Candle Holder w Fluer De Lis / Footed Stemmed Center Piece by JujubefunnyFinds


Footed Bronze Centerpiece / Candle Holder with Fluer De Lis edging is a stunning piece for any event or home decor. Made to last, this Large Candle holder or Floral Topiary Stand is made from Tarnish resistant Nickel Plated on Brass with a lacquered finish, in a bronze colored finish. Made in India. Beautiful bronze color. and lovely Fluer de Lis around the Large bowl on top. Large Candle Holder will hold a large Pillar Candle. It can be make into a center piece or used with green foam to make a floral arrangement. Beautiful piece is very versatile.
Approx 5.5 inches tall and 4.75 from top point across, the base from foot to foot measures 6.25 inches. Weight around 1.7 pounds



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