Mechanical Swiss Watch Gold Money Clip MINT by JujubefunnyFinds


HEIRLOOM Gold Wallet Money Clip w encased Marlowe mechanical Swiss watch which is in perfect working condition. The watch is shockprotected. It also has reads unbreakable mainspring. Even better it is a Antimagnetic Wind up. Could be classified as a pocket watch / money clip or wallet w attached Swiss Watch. AND ON THE BACK OF THE WATCH IT SAYS ALUMINUM AND SWISS AGAIN. BY THE STYLE I WOULD GUESS AGE TO BE ANYWHERE FROM THE 1920'S TO THE 1940'S
Beautiful! EXCELLENT condition. MINT
This is a statement or personality piece! When you used this people will take notice! Whether your handing out business cards or buying a drink, people will remember you because of this Vintage collectable. Perfect for business cards, money, credit cards, identification, and it is already a pocket watch.
This a an heirloom piece.
****A Broken Marlowe Watch Wallet Selling for $200******



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