SALE Metal Wallet Cigarette Case Beautifully Detailed w Monogram Plate by JujubefunnyFinds


SALE Vintage Silver Cigarette Holder w Beautifully Embossed Detailing. Very elegant yet handsome. Center of Case has a Monogram box or plate. A monogrammed gift is very thoughtful. Use a Masculine Type it is a man's case, use a fancy script for the monogram and it's a ladies case…
it would be fabulous as a picture frame or glue a mirror to the inside and use the other to hold checkbook. Perfect travel wallet today the recommend metal wallets to keep people from scanning your information out of your wallet or purse but they cant read through the metal. Bottom line, I lOVE IT, It is beautiful, as normal light surface scuffs,.. This silver cigarette case will…l knock it out of the park.!!! Buff, Polish, Monogram, Gift Wrap, and your are giving A Very Thoughtful, One of a Kind Gift.



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