SALE Soviet Union Machanical Ladies’ Watch Hand Painted Enamel On Gold- MINT 17 JEWELS by JujubefunnyFinds


Vintage European Watch Wind up or manual Time Piece for Ladies. WORKING MINT COLLECTORS CONDITION Beautiful Vintage Heirloom Jewelry, Hand Painted Porcelain Watch Wind Up with 17 Jewels. This Ladies Russian Watch in Excellent Condition, was clearly never worn. Probably a very expensive gift that was treasured for years. Yanka watches are a brand made in Russia, this is a high end collectable Russian, Eastern European Watch. Just wind it up and it keeps time accurately. This is a vintage high end Russian watch, obviously was very special to whomever originally owned it. Bought at an Estate Sale. Appears to have never been worn. Keeps time, multi faceted face, white with black numbers and hands. Stunning hand painted enamel flowers on porcelain frame the watch face and begin the watch band. Gold colored metal. FREE SHIPPING

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