Pastoral Farm House Coffee Carafe Thermos by JujubefunnyFinds


Vintage Farmhouse Thermos or Coffee Carafe made from vintage plastic Phoenix coffee carafe. Vintage liquid server has a half heart handle and the lid has a cute round knob to easily twist and pull the cap off. The opening also has a spout to make pouring easy. Great insulator will last for years. features a farmhouse with a farmer and his wife working in the fields. The farmer is walking with a donkey or burro who is carrying a bale of hay. There are two ship in a farther field. The Farms pets, a dog and cat sit and watch the woman feeding the foul. Woman is feeding chickens and roster. There is a cow grazing in a field. It is in great condition and will work for serving hot or cold beverages. Use it for your next brunch or even a picnic!

Size: 11" (h) x 5" (w)



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