Vintage Men’s Red Cufflinks Mixed Lot of Single Cuffinks by JujubefunnyFinds


Vintage Men's Cufflinks, A pair of Retro Red Cuff Links with gold cuff link base. Ladies, these are an adorable vintage pair cufflinks for women's clothing, shirt cuffs, collars, jacket cufflinks, buttons. Replace a buttons with the cufflinks is simple and you can find directions on line.
, Nine single cuff links, fluer de lis, nature stone, polished stone, locomotive train, shield, and two retro silver 1950s era silver cufflinks. You will at least 9 individual cufflinks in addition to the pair of red and gold ones. If I obtain any other singles, I will send them as well.
Mixed lot of cufflinks for projects, steampumk etc.



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