Frosted Glass Nut Dish or Candy Mint Bowl w Feet by JujubefunnyFinds


Vintage Glass Serving Bowl for Nuts, Berries, Candies, and more. Three sets of dainty double stacked glass berries or balls decorate the sides. Each set aligns with one of the three feet holding the dish. The pattern changes, the bottom is frosted to appear like a shinning star or the sun. While the sides are frosted with non frosted areas look like decorative branches. The sides, the star, the branches and the berries, remind me of a wreath. It is just ADORABLE! Lovely beside a bed for trinkets, in the bathroom for soaps or salts, any where as a candle holder or simply on a table with some mints. What a wonderful vintage find.
Great gift. Sweet size and design. Four and a half inches in diameter and just under two inches in height. This vintage dish has twelve sides or is a 12 sided polygon.?



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